This study abroad program is intended to give students exposure to and experience in Australian culture, its business environment, and leadership principles.

Australia is a significant trade partner with the US. It is a wealthy country with vast mineral resources. Much of these resources go to China. The major component of the trip is to experience business, economics and culture in Australia, and its relationship with its Asian neighbors. We will visit a variety of businesses, and have lectures by business professionals and university professors. We will visit companies from several service and manufacturing industries. Students will also gain cultural competency through visiting historical sites and museums, and meeting the local citizens.  Leadership principles are covered throughout the program.

Course number, (CRN), name
MGT 3954 (40327)–Business, Culture, and Leadership in Australia

Travel dates
Travel – December 30, 2016 – January 14, 2017



Application deadline (Check with the program contact for possible deadline extensions)
October 1, 2016

Program fee

Payment deadline
October 10, 2016

Program contact
Reed Kennedy