This  study abroad course uses the Dominican Republic as a case study to introduce students to the impacts of climate change on key ecosystems (e.g., coastal areas) and natural resources (e.g., forests, biodiversity) and related mitigation and adaptation strategies. Students will also learn about ongoing impacts on agricultural production and people’s livelihoods and strategies to decrease GHG emissions and reduce vulnerability to climate change. Students will meet with scientists, environmental NGOs, and government officials. Students will explore the effects of a changing climate through field trips, hands-on experience, meetings, lectures, and readings.

Course number, (CRN), name
FREC 3954 (40306)–Climate change impacts and policy in the Dominican Republic

Travel dates
January 1-13, 2017


Application deadline (Check with the program contact for possible deadline extensions)
October 15, 2016

Program fee
$3,400. Cost includes airfare, group ground transportation, visa, meals and lodging expenses. *The program fee may be lowered to around $3,100 depending on the number of program participants.

Program contact
Dr. Carol Franco